Lionesses Will Roar In 2015

Poet now you know it?

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*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*

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Beach soccer tournament with the some of the locals in Cabo!

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I wanna be hot enough to make people question their sexual orientation

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#BackToWork 💪

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In which Angela is very clear on who Jane should marry

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i fucking hate how i get attached so easily like i don’t understand. i meet someone new, find interest and BAM it’s like i can’t stop thinking about it. this needs to fucking stop

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If Dr. Seuss Books Were Titled According to Their Subtexts

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Do you ever get into an argument with someone and find yourself unable to speak for a moment because you’re just so blown away by how utterly wrong and ignorant the other person is being and you can’t understand how anyone could actually believe the things they are saying

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Can everyone just be like Dylan?


Can everyone just be like Dylan?

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